From the upstairs office-K-Cup vs Fresh Brew

I was browsing at one of the box stores yesterday and noticed a large display of K-Cup products for a price of $9.99 to $12.99 per box.  Gosh, what a bargain….or is it?  K-Cups are popular for a couple of reasons.  They’re packaged to look like a gourmet product and they are convenient for the quick, cup-at-a-time brew.  At $9.99 per box, the price is palatable. I admit I was once a fan.

Consider the following: for roughly $10 you’re getting 12 servings of coffee,  or .83 cost per cup.  Generally each K-cup weighs .5 oz or less – which translates to $20-$25 per pound of ….ingredients.  Read the labels.  A .5oz cup of Café Mocha lists 16 ingredients with “instant coffee” being ingredient #11.  Sugar is #1.  Also included in the price is the cost of packaging, sealing and boxing those convenient little cups.

Hmmmm….looks like you’re paying for lots of labor, lots of packaging,  lots of waste, and very, very little coffee.

Is there an easy alternative that gives a great cup of coffee in a fast convenient manner? Indeed there is!

A coffee press, or French press, is a great alternative to the K-cup.  A press is easy, convenient, fast and best of all yields great tasting coffee.  Even better, you control the amount of sugar and cream that’s added.
Often when people discover what a real, fresh brewed cup of coffee tastes like they find that they no longer need cream or sugar.  People add cream and sugar from habit, or feel the need to mask some degree of bitterness.  They’re surprised to find that properly brewed coffee is not bitter – just full bodied and flavorful.

Think of the savings in cost and calories if you no longer had to add cream or sugar to your coffee.

One pound of coffee yields approximately 90 tablespoons.  (Note: 1 tablespoon of beans will yield 1 tablespoon of ground coffee). Rule of thumb is to use 2 tablespoons per brewed cup.  For the price of a pound of coffee you can get 45 or more servings.  With Z’s coffee – that’s about $.29 per serving vs the $.85 K-cup.

And as for the grounds – they’re recyclable in your garden.

Here’s how to brew one cup of coffee using a coffee press:

1)   Use fresh coarsely ground coffee.  Use 2 tablespoons per cup to start and adjust to your taste from there.  Place the grounds in the bottom of a dry press.

2)   Add 1 cup of just boiling water.

3)   Place lid loosely over the container.  Let steep for 3-4 minutes.  This gives you time to poach an egg, toast a bagel, or pack a lunch.

4)   Put the lid and plunger tightly in place over the coffee and slowly lower the plunger to drive every single ground to the bottom of the pot.  It’s amazing – it really works.

5)   Pour and enjoy.

With a coffee press, you can brew 1-8 cups of coffee depending on the size of the press.  What you have is a true, correctly brewed, great tasting cup of pure coffee.  If you’re using Z’s coffee, you’re also enjoying an organic product untouched by herbicides or pesticides.  Cream and sugar is optional, but we’re betting you won’t need any.

Our website features the Young press from Bodum.  A Young press offers the best of both worlds – a glass beaker for brewing the coffee inside a durable outer shell that is virtually unbreakable.  This makes the press ideal for home, boat, travel, camping, etc.  All you need to enjoy fresh brewed coffee wherever you are is hot water, ground coffee, and a mug!  Enjoy.