From the Upstairs Office

Woohoo!  Here it is – a new day, a new look.  It is, however, the same great coffee!  (I promise from here on out to not overuse the !!!)

Welcome to Z’s Divine – Online.  We’ve had fun working on this new site, and trying to decide which coffees to offer.  Truth is we have a lot of fun at Z’s (our managers’ meetings sometimes degenerate into a level of silliness you wouldn’t believe).  But hey, when you love what you do there’s no problem getting right back on the serious side.  As we state on our home page – we may kid around about some things, but we’re totally serious about our coffee.

When you’re in a ‘specialty’ industry, you have to be serious because, frankly, you work harder to produce a superior product.  Specialty coffee is likened to micro brewing, farm wineries, independent bakeries, etc.  It means you’re taking a product that is otherwise mass-produced and marketed, and taking it back to a very personal level of craftsmanship and small batch production.  Why? To make quality and taste top priorities.  At Z’s, we purchase green coffee beans, often right off the boat, and bring them directly to our roasterie.  No, we don’t have a warehouse full of beans that will take us into next year.  We don’t roast ahead to keep product on the shelf for the next month.  We buy-roast-sell as a continuous process.

Our coffees come from Central America, South America, Indonesia and Africa.  We’ve limited our on-line offerings to 10 coffees because we want you to have the best, and what’s the point of being overwhelmed with choices.  The single origin coffees may change from time to time; different growing regions are seasonal.  We only sell the whole bean – simply because that’s the best way to maintain freshness.

All of our coffees and teas are 100% certified organic and many are fair-trade certified as well.  Being certified organic means the beans and tea are grown under specific conditions that do not allow chemical sprays or chemical washes.  Fair trade means that some portion of the import price for the product is returned to the growing cooperative or community in order to improve the quality of life and support sustainability.  You can feel good about buying fair-trade and you can feel good about drinking organic.

So, again, welcome.  We hope you’ll visit often  – and do try our products.  You’ll hear from our roast master, our baristas (we have the best), and from me.  Oh, buy the way, I’m the owner and I have no particular talent – that’s why I have the best baristas and roaster master – but I do love coffee!

  • Sandy C.

    How come you don’t sign your name to the blog? I think we should know that we’re talking to a particularly lovely and very smart woman!

  • Sherri M.

    I agree, you do have the best baristas in town!! I hope you’ll be notifying us of your specials via e-mail!